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Home again, relaxed and refreshed.
I had organised a meeting with Mancerbear about his web site, so that was part of the trip.
Was good.
teddy, ruff, sleep

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Much been happening?
Not really.
Battling the depression.
Missed my mates real bad this weekend.
Complimented on  my photography.
Working on mancerbear's site redevelopment.
Back with the bears perth committee.
teddy, ruff, sleep

grand final

as ever a bit nervous about the final...

details are:

1:30 PM Sat 22/Sep Grand Final - Hockey - Vets Over 40 Division 2 Harlequins vs Whitford
Venue: Stevens Reserve #1 Cnr Fothergill and Swanbourne T, Fremantle
Map Reference: 574 D5

Ady playing tomorrow for Harlequins

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teddy, ruff, sleep

Hockey - the finals

After finsihing in 8th place on the ladder the association split the top ten into a Division one and Division two into their respective finals series.

The top 6 teams [automatically division one] play off for their own grand final in two weeks.

The next four, including us, play off for a division 2 final place.

Today was the Semi finals, and we were playing YMCC at the WASPS ground in West Perth - opposite the zoo.

We beat YMCC 2-0 to make it straight into the grand final in 2 weeks time.

YMCC now will play the winner of the other game next week to see who plays us in the final.

With this in mind I am gonna see if anyone would like to come watch me play and maybe see a few spunky over 40 guys ;-)

If you do then I hope you know my email so drop me a line!


OH the official finals series can be found at:


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end of season

I know I've not written for a while about the hockey, but it was NOT a good 4 weeks which we finally broke today...

I am home from hockey against Whitfords...

shall I say not a clean game that the umpires should have pinged straight away to stop the crappy tackles etc.

So, I am sweaty, sore, but happy....

Actually I am not sure if I went to a fight and a game of hockey broke out LOL.

We won 3-1, and won the fights 2-0. :-D

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Hockey 30/6

Last week was bye for us, but I ended up umpiring on the Saturday.

So tis weekend was against OGMHC. They're a few positions below us, but as ever the forwards could not put the ball in the net. result 0-0.

Hockey WA

Mens Veterans O40-1&2

Ladder After Round 8 [23/6]
1 NC Raiders 760113182301990.48
2 Riverside Lions 760112281401990.48
3 Victoria Park 7511132102201676.19
4 WASPS 74121167901466.67
5 Whitford 742111720-301361.90
6 Kalamunda 732211713401152.38
7 Harlequins 732211614201152.38
8 Melville 733111513201047.62
9 John XXIII 734011724-70942.86
10 Westside Wolves 72321191360838.10
11 YMCC 723211118-70838.10
12 Modernians 724111123-120733.33
13 OGMHC 715111121-100419.05
14 Suburban 71511721-140419.05
15 Hale 716011225-130314.29
16 Rockingham 71601925-160314.29

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Hockey 16/6

This game was against the top of the table Riverside Lions.

we ended up losing 1-0 with at least 3 of our good players absent.

their goal was definitely due to me not knowing where the cage was in relation to me, as it was at least 8 feet out from the right place and the ground was not marked correctly.


teddy, ruff, sleep

Saturday Hockey 2/6 and 9/6

Sat 2nd was a good game even though we had to struggle to win 3-2, but the same cannot be said of the game on the 9th. We were playing a side who were a man downa ll game and only managed to draw 2-2. It was not the most exciting of games.

I maybe having a bit of a confidence slump, but will work on gaining the edge back.

[oops I put July not June on the title]

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