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Kilted Kunumdrums of a Blogged Off Otter

aka - No! I will NOT fix your computer for free!

15 February
Just an ordinary kilt weary mad educationist otter, ooh what that?

kiltotter's Last.fm Overall Tracks Chart

80's music, apache, armistead maupin, armpits, australia, backsides, baking, bear, bear sex, beards, bearhugs, bearotica, bears, bears and cubs, bears in rubber, bears in uniform, beer guts, big bears, big muscle bears, bikers, board games, body hair, bondage, boots, cartoons, chatting, cock, computers, cooking, cubs, cuddling, daddybears, david eddings, dick, drawing, dreamweaver, drink, electronic music, enigma, erasure, erotica, eurovision song contest, facial hair, family, field hockey, field hockey goalkeepers, fine wine, fireworks, food, football, friends, fun, fur, furry gay men, furry men, gay, gay bear, gay bears, gay leather, gay men, gay romance, gay uniforms, gaybears, gays, genxbears, goatees, good food, grizzly bears, groping, hairy, hairy asses, hairy backs, hairy butts, hairy chests, hairy guys, hairy men, handcuffs, harry potter, hockey, hockey goalkeepers, homosexuality, hot bears, hot tubbing, hugging, ice cream, internet, irc, jean-michel jarre, jimmy somerville, jock straps, jocks, jon anderson, kilts, kink, large men, leather, leather bears, leatherbears, linux, logos, lord of the rings, macintosh, masculinity, massage, men kissing, michael thomas ford, mike oldfield, monty python, mountain biking, movies, muscle bears, musclebears, music, mysql, oral sex, photography, photoshop, php, pizza, poetry, queen, queer, reading, rimming, sci-fi, science fiction, sex, sg-1, shaved heads, short stories, snuggling, star gate, star trek, star wars, sunshine, tall men, tangerine dream, tattoos, teaching, techie, teddy bears, thinking, travel, typography, uniforms, vangelis, web design, woof, wrestling, writing